2016 World Series of Darts – Stats Round-up

The six international legs of 2016 PDC World Series of Darts have now been completed following Michael van Gerwen’s win over Dave Chisnall in the final of the Perth Masters.

In this article I look at some of the stats and facts from the six tournaments.

Firstly a look at the winners of each of the events:

Dubai:                   Gary Anderson 11-9 Michael van Gerwen

Auckland:            Gary Anderson 11-7 Adrian Lewis

Shanghai:            Michael van Gerwen 8-3 James Wade

Tokyo:                  Gary Anderson 8-6 Michael van Gerwen

Sydney:                Phil Taylor 11-9 Michael van Gerwen

Perth:                   Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Dave Chisnall

The tournaments have been dominated by Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen, Anderson having won 3 and van Gerwen winning 2 (as well as finishing runner-up 3 times), the only one that wasn’t won by Anderson or van Gerwen was captured by Phil Taylor.

Here’s a look at how all of the 8 seeded players fared in each of the 6 tournaments along with how many points they accrued in the World Series order of merit table.

WSOD Seeded Players Results & Points

This next chart shows the win/loss record for the seeded players during all 6 of this year’s World Series events.

WSOD Top 8 Results

As you will see I have also broken down the results against seeded players only, this again highlights the superiority van Gerwen and Anderson have had over the rest of the players. Another interesting point to note is that Peter Wright failed to win a single match against a seeded player during the 6 tournaments, all 7 of his wins came against players who were non seeded (this is not to say he had it all easy against the non-seeds, his Perth quarter-final win against Corey Cadby a case in point).

Now for a variety of other stats…


A look at how the 8 seeded players matched up on their overall average and checkout percentage across the 6 tournaments.

WSOD Averages and Checkout %


Which of the seeded players were the most prolific 180 hitters during the 2016 World Series tournaments? (eg van Gerwen hit a 180 every 2.88 legs, Wade hit a 180 every 5.03 legs).

WSOD 180's Per Leg


A look at the top 10 match averages and also a look at the 10 top averages recorded by non-seeded players.

WSOD Top 10 Averages


 How the 6 tournaments compared by average and 180’s hit.

WSOD Tournament Stats


How did the non-seeded players fare against the seeded players in round one? (Dubai excluded as the tournament only contains the 8 seeded players)

WSOD 1st Round Seeds vs NonSeeds

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed the stats!



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