Last weekend Michael van Gerwen won the European Darts Open beating Peter Wright 6-5 in the final; this was van Gerwen’s 13th tournament win of the 2016 season.

It’s a remarkable total, especially given than he has competed in 25 tournaments, meaning he has won just over half of the tournaments that he has entered (I have excluded the World Cup of Darts as it is a team event).

MVG has also reached a further 6 finals, so out of 25 tournaments he has only failed to reach the final in 6 of those, therefore making it through to the final in approximately 3 out of every 4 tournaments he has entered.

His win in the European Darts Open on Sunday takes his total of tournament wins on the Euro Tour to 4 this season and was overall his 12th Euro Tour tournament success since winning his first in 2013.

The dominance of van Gerwen in the European Tour events has been especially prominent since the start of 2015, with him winning 9 of the 15 tournaments that have been played.


The win/loss match record of van Gerwen on the Euro Tour since the start of 2015 is way ahead of any of his nearest rivals. The list below shows the 5 players who have won the most matches on the Euro Tour since the start of 2015.


As you can see MVG has won a total of 27 matches more than any other player during this period and his win % is an astonishing 90.6% from 64 matches played.

All of these matches have been played over the short format of best of 11 legs which makes his record all the more impressive.

The next chart shows the level of performances van Gerwen has been putting in on the European Tour in amassing such a record.


Overall he has averaged over 102 across his last 64 European Tour matches (in winning the European Open at the weekend he had a match average of over 102 in 4 of his 5 games).

From the 64 matches he has played on the Euro Tour since the start of 2015 he has recorded 6 averages of over 110 and just over 28% of his averages have been over 105.

It is doubtful he will win every single one of the remaining four Euro Tour events of this season but I certainly wouldn’t bet against him adding to his haul of wins.


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