Chisnall’s Elevation After Elimination

It was a tough Premier League campaign for Dave Chisnall in 2016, he was eliminated from the tournament after 9 weeks picking up just 3 points (1 win and 1 draw) from his 9 matches, having nearly finished top of the table in 2015 he will have entered the Premier League with aspirations of making the play-offs again but those hopes were dashed with 6 defeats in a row condemning him to an early exit.

Away from the TV screens during the Premier League season Chisnall’s form on the PDC ranking circuit wasn’t exactly going to plan either, from the start of the UK Open qualifiers in early February through to the end of March when he was competing in the Premier League he played 11 ranking tournaments and his best performance was just one quarter-final appearance, he had a run of 6 tournaments where he never made it past the Last 32 stage. He was confirmed being eliminated from the Premier League on the 31st March.

How did this disappointing Premier League season affect Chisnall’s morale and confidence? Did he go through a further slump in form and show a lack of confidence?

The answer is no.

Exiting the Premier League early hasn’t affected Chisnall’s season negatively at all, he has put any disappointment quickly behind him and his results since elimination from the Premier League have been far better than earlier in the season.

Here is a chart showing Chisnall’s ranking tournament results during his time in the 2016 Premier League and comparing them to his ranking tournament results since he was eliminated from the Premier League on the 31st March.

Chisnall 2016 Ranking Tournaments

Coincidentally he played exactly 11 tournaments whilst competing in the Premier League and has played 11 ranking tournaments since he was eliminated from the league.

As you can see from the chart he has been to the quarter-finals at least in 8 of the 11 tournaments since leaving the league, compared to just 1 quarter-final in the previous 11 tournaments. He has reached the semi-finals in over half of the ranking tournaments he has competed in since he was eliminated from the league. Not to mention reaching 3 finals and winning his first ranking tournament in just over a year when he won a Players Championship tournament in early July.

This next chart shows how many matches Chisnall played in the 11 ranking tournaments when he was still in the League and the 11 ranking tournaments after he left the league.

The numbers speak for themselves really on the tremendous improvement made.

Chisnall 2016 Ranking Matches

The impressive numbers don’t stop there however.

I have broken down the ranking prize money won by Chisnall in the 2016 season into the two blocks of 11 tournaments.

Chisnall 2016 Ranking Money Won

Chisnall won £14,250 during the 11 tournaments when in the league; in the 11 tournaments since elimination he has won £47,000.

To put it further into context here is the list of highest win % and most prize money won on the PDC tour since 1st April (the day after Chisnall was eliminated from the Premier League).

Most Wins and Prize Money Since Apr 1

Chisnall is 2nd in both lists; the only player ahead of him is the world number one Michael van Gerwen. I have to give a very honourable mention to van de Pas who features 3rd on both lists, Chisnall and van de Pas are due to play in the first round of the World Matchplay.

The story of this blog is that every player in sport will have ups and downs, Chisnall’s season since his very disappointing Premier League season shows how a player can overcome a slump in form and turn things around by not lingering on the negatives.


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