In Form on the PDC ProTour

Ahead of the two PDC Players Championship tournaments taking place in Barnsley this weekend I decided to do some analysis on results for players in their last 50 ProTour matches.

For my analysis I have taken the last 50 matches for each player including the following tournaments only: UK Open Qualifiers, Players Championship Tournaments and European Tour Events (I have excluded qualifying for the Euro Tour events). All of the matches played in those tournaments are over the best of 11 legs (so first to 6 wins the match).

For my first chart I have calculated the average amount of legs a player has won per match over their last 50 ProTour matches. The list is sorted in order of highest average number of legs won, so 6 would obviously be the highest amount possible.

Last 50 Average Legs Won

You probably aren’t shocked to see van Gerwen at the top of the list having won 46 out of his 50 matches and as a result his average legs won is significantly clear of the pack.

The current top five in the PDC rankings all fill the top five places in average legs won over the last 50 ProTour matches


The next chart goes a little more in depth. Here you will find again the average legs won per match, this time I have also added the average legs lost per match and then the average leg difference per match which is the difference between the average legs won and average legs lost.

The average legs difference per match combines how competitive a player is in matches he loses along with how much supremacy he has had in matches he has won.

Last 50 Ave Leg Difference

Again in this chart you can see how dominant van Gerwen has been and the rest of the top four is made up of players currently ranked in the top four in the PDC rankings. Taylor has moved from 5th to 2nd in this list due to his dominance in matches he has won.

The list highlights the consistency of the likes of van de Pas, Norris, Kyle Anderson, Gurney, and Cullen. van de Pas, Norris and Gurney have broken into the top 32 in the PDC rankings and it looks only a matter of time before Kyle Anderson and Joe Cullen join them.

Another interesting point is the resurgence of Simon Whitlock, he has been back on the upward curve for a little while and his numbers really back this up.

I could mention much more about many of the other players but I have deliberately tried to keep this brief so you can form your own opinions.

I hope you enjoy my article, don’t forget to catch me on twitter @3dartanalyst


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