Adrian Lewis – Premier League Improvement

Adrian Lewis is a two time World Champion, having also won the UK Open and European Championship there is no doubting he is one of the most talented players in this era of darts.

He is a Premier League regular having competed in the tournament 9 times (including this year), yet he has only ever reached the play-offs twice, the last time being 5 years ago in 2011, and he has never finished higher than 4th in the league table. For a player of his ability that is a serious underachievement which he is the first to admit.

This season however, Lewis is on course to have his best ever league campaign.

Last night he hit a 9 dart finish in a vital 7-5 win over James Wade; the win was his 7th win of the league season from 11 games played and moved him into 3rd place in the table.

Already in 2016 Lewis has won more games than he has in any previous Premier League season, he has a win percentage of 63.6% which is on course to top his previous season ending best of 42.9% in 2011 when he won 6 of his 14 matches to finish in 4th place.

The chart below shows how the win percentage of Lewis in this year’s tournament compares to previous years.

Lewis Premier League Record

*The amount of fixtures in the league rose to 16 in 2013 so I have used win percentage to compare the amount of matches he has won in each Premier League season and obviously this season is still in progress.

The chart below shows the average points per game collected by Lewis in each Premier League season compared to the average points per game of the league leader. As you can see Lewis has an average of 1.36 points per game this season so far which is considerably higher than his previous yearly averages and he is closer than ever to that of the league leader.

Lewis Average PPG Premier League

Lewis has only lost 3 games in the 2016 Premier League, those defeats came against van Gerwen, Taylor and Anderson who are the other players currently in the play-off places. He has claimed wins against every other player in the league table.

Lewis isn’t a certainty to qualify for the play-offs but he has given himself a great opportunity to do so and the stats show he is enjoying his best ever league phase of the Premier League.

He still has to play Taylor, van Gerwen and Anderson again in the league so these average points per game and win percentage numbers may drop and if Lewis is to make an impression in the play-offs (if he does qualify) I feel he will have to make a statement by winning at least one of those games but credit must be given to Lewis for his season so far and who knows how it will end.


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