Defeating a Top 10 Player

In this blog I have decided to analyse how well certain players have performed in matches they have lost and how well their opponents have played in those matches too.

To do this I took the combined stats from each of the current PDC top 10 during their last 10 losing TV match appearances, along with the stats of the players who they were defeated by.

I compiled many different stats but for this example I will just use the match averages, double attempts, doubles hit and checkout percentage.

Here is the chart covering all 10 players and their opponents.

Overall Stats Last 10 TV Defeats_A


Now some points which I think are worth noting from the stats.

Michael van Gerwen has had more double attempts overall than his opponents during his last 10 defeats on TV, this shows he has been creating enough chances himself, but his own failings on the doubles in those matches have been costly.

Gary Anderson’s checkout percentage during his last 10 TV defeats is the lowest of any of the 10 players whilst he has only had a total of 14 fewer attempts at a double than the opponents who have defeated him in these 10 matches.

Lewis has one of the lowest overall averages and has had significantly fewer double attempts than his opponents during his last 10 TV defeats, whilst his opponents in these matches have performed to a high level Lewis hasn’t scored as heavily as he is capable of or created enough chances in the matches he lost.

Taylor’s averages during his last 10 TV defeats have averaged an impressive 101.61 which is the highest of any of the top 10, he has only had 12 fewer attempts at a double than his opponents as well which shows he has created enough chances to have turned some of those defeats into wins. He certainly is still capable of performing against the best but it’s just he isn’t as ruthless on the doubles and his opponents are punishing more of the chances he leaves them.

Wright’s opponents have a combined average of 100.66 in the games he has lost and this is the highest figure recorded against any of the 10 players.

James Wade’s opponents have had 62 more attempts at a double than he has during the 10 matches he has lost and that coupled with a combined checkout percentage of 49.5% shows he has been outplayed in those defeats on the scoring and also his opponents have been ruthless on their finishing.

Thornton has the highest checkout percentage of any of the 10 players with 40.9% of his double attempts hitting their target. On the negative side for Thornton his opponents have hit over 50% of their attempts.

Michael Smith has seen his opponents have 62 more attempts at a double across the 10 games and his overall average of 92.42 is the lowest of any of the 10 players.

Raymond van Barneveld’s opponents have hit 39.9% of their double attempts over the 10 matches, this is the lowest percentage against any of the 10 players, and they had a combined total of 61 attempts at a double more than RVB. Possibly pointing towards him not applying enough pressure with his scoring to punish his opponents missed doubles.

Chisnall has the 4th highest average of the 10 players but his combined opponents over the 10 matches averaged 100.37 and had 68 more attempts at a double than Chisnall did.

All my views on the above are subjective and there are obviously a lot more factors to consider but I think the chart makes interesting reading and you can make your own conclusions from the data also.

Overall I think it is worth considering the combined high averages and checkout percentages against all of the 10 players in the matches they have lost which shows the standard they are facing (and of course showing themselves).


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