PDC Top 16 Head to Head

The PDC World Championships are only just behind us but already we can look forward to the new season, with Q School this week and the first TV tournament taking place at the end of January.

That TV tournament is the Unibet Masters which features the Top 16 ranked players in the PDC, all of the action is broadcast live on ITV4 over the weekend of the 30th and 31st January and I will be adding my stats and analysis on here and on twitter both before and during the tournament.

At this time of year I like to analyse how the Top 16 ranked players at the end of the World Championships fared in matches against each other during the past season, to see how the best have performed against the best (as you might have seen I do actually compile the stats at various points during the season too).

Here are the stats:

Win % vs Rest of Top 16

As you can see van Gerwen is well ahead of any other player having won nearly 78% of his matches against the other 15 players ranked in the Top 16, which isn’t really far off winning 8 out every 10 matches against these elite players. Anderson, Taylor and Lewis make up the rest of the top 4 which is also the case in the actual Order of Merit (although Lewis is 3 and Taylor 4 in the PDC rankings).

Next on the list are Michael Smith and Jelle Klaasen, two players who have enjoyed excellent seasons and the stats on this chart show how they are competing against the very best. Smith isn’t far from winning 50% of his matches against the Top 16.

There are a lot of players bunched together in the early to mid-40 percent’s, with Wright and van Barneveld possibly not as high as they both should be.

The bottom three, Bunting, Huybrechts and van der Voort are ranked 16, 14 and 15 respectively in the actual Order of Merit and their results against fellow Top 16 players will have to improve if they are to push on further up the Order of Merit.



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