Grand Slam of Darts – Groups E to H (Last Group Games)

It’s been an eventful Grand Slam so far with some excellent darts, high averages, a 9 dart finish from Chisnall, not to mention Fordham and Adams making significant impacts. We are in for a treat over the rest of this week that’s for sure.

Tonight is the final match in Groups E to H and here are the tables and the also the fixtures complete with some stats.

Group Tables E to H

Groups E & F

Groups G & H

• Anderson has never failed to qualify from his group in all 9 years of the Grand Slam. He finished top of his group 3 times previously but only once has he won all 3 group matches (2009).
• Barney has qualified from the group stage in 6 of the previous 8 years, the last time he failed to qualify was in 2013 when he actually won 2 games and still missed out behind King and O’Shea.
• Butler still has hopes of qualifying for the next stage, and will if he defeats RVB, this is his first appearance at the Grand Slam.
• There is incentive for Boulton not to finish bottom of the group as there is £2,500 difference in prize money between 3rd and 4th, ranking money which is valuable to Boulton.

• Wade has only ever failed to qualify once from his group. He has qualified with 6 points on 3 previous occasions.
• Brown recovered from losing his opening match at last year’s Grand Slam (5-1 to Chisnall) to win his final 2 matches and qualify.
• Webster has qualified from his group 4 out of 7 previous attempts. He has failed to qualify after winning 2 matches previously, this was in 2010.
• Michel van der Horst isn’t out of the equation but needs a win, the result in the other match to go his way and for legs difference to come into play.

• Thornton has finished top of his group on 3 occasions at the Grand Slam. The only time he has won all 3 group matches was in 2010.
• Jenkins has qualified from his group 6 out of 7 times previously, 2 of these having lost in his opening match of the tournament.
• Clayton knows if he wins it will put pressure on Thornton and Jenkins later in the evening but his progression is still reliant on how that game ends, even if he fails to qualify the money earned for finishing in 3rd instead of 4th is useful ranking money earned.
• De Vos has to win heavily and hope that Thornton can do the same to Jenkins, but after two defeats his fate is out of his hands.

• If as expected Taylor wins the group it will be for the 7th time in 9 attempts. He has won all 3 games on 4 previous occasions, and if he does win tonight it will be the third time in a row he has won his group without defeat.
• Green won 5-4 against van der Voort in their final group match to qualify last year. Green will be looking to make it a second year in a row in the knockout rounds.
• Rodriguez missed out on the knockout stages last year when he lost 5-3 to Keegan Brown in the final group game, a match to decide who would go through.
• Phillips finished without a win in his last appearance at the Grand Slam. He finished 4th in a group containing Newton, Harms and Jenkins in 2012.


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