Wright’s 3 Year Anniversary

Peter Wright claimed his seventh PDC ranking title on Saturday when he defeated Benito van de Pas 6-5 in the Players Championship event played in Coventry.

There is quite a lot of significance in the win coming during this week, as; it is in my opinion the 3rd anniversary of the birth of Wright as a top class darts player.

On the 20th October 2012 Wright won the Killarney Pro Tour Event in Ireland beating the then UK Open Champion Robert Thornton 6-1 in the final, in doing so he lifted the first ranking title of his PDC career. In the lead up to that tournament Wright had only reached 2 quarter-finals in 27 ranking tournaments previously in 2012.

Coming into his winning tournament in 2012 Wright had exited his last 5 tournaments at the hands of the following players:

L 6-4 vs Prakash Jiwa
L 6-4 vs Arron Monk
L 6-3 vs Steve Hine
L 6-4 vs Mark Frost
L 6-3 vs James Richardson

No offence at all to any of those listed above but losing these matches showed no signs of what was to come for Wright over the next 3 years.

The tournament win for Wright clearly lifted his confidence, belief and the results soon continued to follow.

Looking at his 16 tournaments before and 16 tournaments after the title win and you can see he only reached 2 quarter-finals prior and in the 16 tournaments towards the end of 2012 and at the start of 2013 he reached the quarter-finals in more than half of the ranking tournaments he entered and this included four semi-final appearances.

Wright Pie Charts

My final chart shows a larger sample of tournaments which really highlights the huge improvement Wright has shown since his maiden win in 2012.

I have taken the exact number of tournaments Wright has played since (also including) his win in Ireland in 2012. The total amount of tournament is 122. To compare this against his performance prior to the win I used exactly the same amount of tournaments (122) and assessed his progression in those.

As you can see from the chart below the results are impressive.

He has reached a total of 31 semi-finals since Oct 2012 in the prior 122 tournaments he had only been as far as the semi-finals on 3 occasions. More impressively he has reached 16 finals (winning 7 of those), when in the sample of previous tournaments he had reached 2 finals.

Wright Improvement

One of my first blogs early in 2013 touched on the improvement of Wright, I mentioned about him potentially breaking into the top 16, I don’t think anyone could have really foreseen his rise into the top 4 and a major contender in every tournament he plays.

I believe two of the biggest factors in sport are confidence and belief. The win in October 2012 gave Wright exactly those and he hasn’t looked back!


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