Premier League Darts Form Guide – Week 10

Ten have now become eight in the Premier League as we reach week 10. Peter Wright and Kim Huybrechts bowed out last week and now the focus for the remaining players is on finishing in the top four.

Even though we are down to 8 players we still have 5 matches to look forward to with two players doubling up. This week it will be the turn of Dave Chisnall and James Wade to play twice on the same evening.

Here is this weeks stats guide. The numbers have been shuffled around slightly but should still be in an easy to read format.

PL Week 10 Preview Chart

Here’s a quick rundown of how the corresponding fixtures panned out earlier in the league phase.

Adrian Lewis vs James Wade
Week 7 – Drew 6-6
Averages: Lewis 102, Wade 103.7
180s: Lewis 4, Wade 5
High Out: Lewis 138, Wade 68

Gary Anderson vs Dave Chisnall
Week 5 – Chisnall won 7-2
Averages: Anderson 99.23, Chisnall 110.77
180s: Anderson 1, Chisnall 6
High Out: Anderson 90, Chisnall 100

Phil Taylor vs Raymond van Barneveld
Week 7 – van Barneveld won 7-4
Averages: Taylor 115.8, van Barneveld 104.18
180s: Taylor 9, van Barneveld 3
High Out: Taylor 88, van Barneveld 144

Stephen Bunting vs Michael van Gerwen
Week 2 – van Gerwen won 7-3
Averages: Bunting 103.43, van Gerwen 109.44
180s: Bunting 4, van Gerwen 4
High Out: Bunting 87, van Gerwen 138

Dave Chisnall vs James Wade
Week 3 – Drew 6-6
Averages: Chisnall 93.27, Wade 90.19
180s: Chisnall 4, Wade 0
High Out: Chisnall 63, Wade 142

Finally I have put together a league table showing only matches between the top 8 (so excluding matches against Wright & Huybrechts)

PL Table Top 8

All that’s left to say is enjoy the darts!


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