Premier League Darts Form Guide – Week 6

Week 6 of the Premier League comes from Nottingham, with a number of players closely bunched in the table there is plenty to play for, and an intriguing match between Taylor and van Gerwen headlines the evening.

First up as usual is my weekly stats chart which covers plenty of vital information and lots of interesting statistics for each player.

PL Week 6 Preview Chart

Moving onto the match by match analysis:

Bunting vs Chisnall
Premier League

Form – Bunting got a much needed first win of the campaign last week defeating a below par Adrian Lewis, although Lewis didn’t play well a Bunting win can’t be discredited and his confidence is sure to be higher as a result. Chisnall sits top of the league table after 5 weeks played, I think he was helped in the first 3 weeks with his opponents not playing well but his performances over the past two weeks have been excellent.
Averages – Bunting has just hit one match average of over 100 and across the tournament is averaging just over 94 which is the lowest tournament average, he did register his second highest match average last week though and is capable of more. Chisnall hit the second highest match average of the tournament so far last week with a 110.77 this coming a week after his 107.01, which is very impressive considering he only averaged a touch under 93 for the opening three weeks.
180’s – After a low key start on the 180s for Chisnall in the opening weeks he has really stepped it up hitting 16 over the last 3 matches which includes 6 in each of his last 2 matches. Bunting actually outscored Chisnall over the opening 2 weeks but he only has a total of 5 over the past 3 matches.
Finishing – Chisnall has hit a 100+ finish in 4 of the 5 weeks played though his highest checkout is only 101. Bunting scored his first checkout of over 100 last week with a 104 so actually has a higher tournament checkout than Chisnall and he has won 13 legs fewer.
Head to Head – Bunting has a good head to head record over Chisnall winning 4 matches to 1 since he made the switch to the PDC in early 2014. They do of course have a very recent meeting only last weekend when Bunting triumphed 9-6 in the last 32 of the UK Open.

van Barneveld vs Wade
Premier League
– van Barneveld will be looking to bounce straight back following his defeat against an on fire Kim Huybrechts last week with Huybrechts taking out a 170 finish to deny RVB a chance of a point. Prior to last week van Barneveld had won his first match of the league when he defeated Bunting. Wade comes into the game on the back of consecutive defeats but it has to be noted those defeats were against Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson, in his defeat against Taylor last week Wade did play well hitting his highest average of the tournament so far.
Averages – Both players have had two 100+ averages so far and both hit averages over the 100 mark last week. Wade has the higher tournament average and higher single match average with a high of 104.42 compared to 102.94 from van Barneveld.
180’s – van Barneveld heads Wade comfortably in the 180 count, hitting a total of 16 compared to the 5 from Wade who has hit the fewest 180s in the tournament so far. RVB has averaged 4 180s per match over his last 3 games.
Finishing – Wade is known as one of the best finishers in the game and the stats do back this up, he has checkouts of over 100 in 4 of the 5 weeks and the 3rd highest overall checkout % in the league. van Barneveld has yet to hit a checkout of over 100 in 5 weeks of play, his overall checkout % has improved after only 20% in both of his opening two matches.
Head to Head – As you might expect these two have met a number of times over the years and overall there isn’t a great deal in the head to head with van Barneveld leading 20-17 though Barney has won 3 and drawn 2 in their last 5 meetings.

Taylor vs van Gerwen
Premier League
– Both players are in the top 4 of the Premier League as you would expect them to finish at the end of the league phase. Taylor responded well after defeat in his opening match by picking up 3 wins and a draw since. van Gerwen has needed to win the last leg in both of his last two matches to rescue draws and will have been frustrated with a performance below his high standards last week against Peter Wright.
Averages – Not a lot to choose between the two in the overall tournament average with both topping 104. Taylor has hit an average of over 100 every week so far but still hasn’t had the highest average in a single week. van Gerwen has managed 3 averages of over 106 but last week saw him score only 95.57.
180’s – van Gerwen is well ahead of Taylor on the 180s leading 18-8 on their tournament totals. Although MVG only hit 2 last week he has hit over 4 on 3 separate occasions. Taylor has only hit 5 180s in total over the last four weeks having hit 3 in the opening week.
Finishing – Taylor has a very impressive tournament checkout % of 55% which is the best of any player in the league. van Gerwen has not been shabby on the doubles either with a 50% checkout rate. Both have hit two checkouts of over 140 during the opening 5 weeks of play.
Head to Head – Yet again Taylor has a dominant head to head over his opponent with 26 wins to 11. 15 wins of these came in a row between 2007 and 2012 since then both had had runs of success though Taylor has had the better of MVG recently having won 5 out of the last 6.

Anderson vs Lewis
Premier League
– Anderson is in the top 4 having won 3 and lost 2 of his opening 5 fixtures, he was well beaten in his last match against Chisnall though it is worth noting he has now played all the 3 other players currently in the top 4. Last week Lewis put in his poorest performance so far, losing comfortably to Bunting and making in 4 weeks in a row without a victory.
Averages – Anderson has averaged over 98.5 in 4 of his 5 matches so far, although he only has one average over 100 he does have a tournament average of 100. Lewis still holds the highest match average with his first week 113.8, he averaged a total of 94.98 over the last 4 weeks which shows how his level has dropped.
180’s – Lewis heads the 180 matchup against Anderson with 17 to 13. For a renowned 180 hitter it is surprising that Anderson has hit 2 180s or less in 3 of the 5 weeks. Lewis only managed a total of one 180 last week though he has managed 4 or more in 3 matches so far.
Finishing – Lewis has ton plus finishes in two separate weeks with Anderson hitting all of his four ton plus finishes in week 2 (non above 126 though).
Head to Head – Their head to head record is evenly matches with Anderson shading the overall wins 14-13. Anderson has won the last 5 encounters including one this season in the German Darts Championships semi-finals.

Huybrechts vs Wright
Premier League
– This is a match between the players currently occupying the bottom two places in the league table. Huybrechts won his first Premier League match beating van Barneveld and has performed excellently over the last two weeks. Wright is without a win but unbeaten in 3 matches having drawn his last 3 games. It has to be mentioned that Wright has played each of the top 4 in the league so has had a very tough fixture list to contend with and also needs to be reminded of his awesome form at the UK Open this past weekend where he reached the final.
Averages – Huybrechts has hit averages of 107 and 105.6 in the past two weeks proving the level he is capable of. Wright has only managed one average of over 100, that came in week 2, he is capable of more though as he showed at the UK Open.
180’s – Huybrechts has been in good form on the 180s in the last 3 weeks hitting a total of 14, including 6 last week. Wright hit a high of 3 180s in weeks 3 and 4 but nothing so far to match the recent form of Huybrechts
Finishing – Both players hit their highest tournament checkout last week with Huybrechts match winning 170 against RVB and Wright weighing in with a 158 against van Gerwen. That was actually Huybrechts first ton plus finish of the tournament whilst Wright has four to his name.
Head to Head – Peter Wright has the better record in previous meetings winning 8-6. The most match was in the European Championship last year when Wright won 10-5.


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