UK Open – Analysis of players reaching the final day from an early round

With the UK Open finals starting on Friday I decided to analyse how many players have reached the final day (quarter-finals) having entered the tournament earlier than the Last 64 which is when the top players from the qualifying order of merit come into the tournament.

Findings show that from the 12 previous UK Open final tournaments a total of 20 times have players reached the quarter-finals or better when starting in rounds earlier than the Last 64. (Note the L64 has not always been the 3rd Round in some earlier UK Opens the L64 started in the 4th Round).

Of the 12 previous UK Open winners, 2 have entered in an earlier round than the Last 64. Though these are both established major winners in Phil Taylor and James Wade and both had previously won the UK Open.

The best performance from a player entering in the preliminary round is a semi-final appearance by Denis Ovens in 2012.

Three times have players starting in the first round reached the final with James Wade winning the tournament in 2011. Shayne Burgess (2003) and Gary Mawson (2008) were both were losing finalists.

For those interested here is the list of players who featured on the final day who have entered the tournament earlier than the last 64. Will we see any more additions to the list this year?

UK Open Rounds Entered


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