Premier League Darts Form Guide – Week 5

On the eve of the UK Open finals the Premier League roadshow moves to the Westpoint Arena in Exeter.
My weekly form guide and analysis will hopefully give you all the stats you want and need on the players and matchups.

This week my handy stats table has changed slightly to cover the players stats solely from this years Premier League.

Here you can compare averages scored by a player to the total average that has been scored against each player, this makes very interesting reading as you will notice for example the standard that Huybrechts has faced with a 102.75 average combined from his opposition.

Comparing the checkout % hit against players is another interesting stat as you will notice Huybrechts opponents have hit 54% of double attempts, compare this with the top two van Gerwen and Chisnall and they have been given extra opportunities by players missing shots at doubles. If that isn’t enough you can see that Huybrechts has even had more 180’s per leg scored against him too!

PL Week 5 Preview Chart

Onto the match by match analysis – Check here for how the players match up head to head!

van Barneveld vs Huybrechts
Premier League
– van Barneveld picked up his first win of the PL season last week against Bunting, he should really have 2 wins to his name having given up a 5-1 lead against Wright the week before, but overall more positives than negative for Barney in the past 2 matches. Huybrechts put in his best performance last week averaging 107 against Chisnall but was denied by an equally excellent display from his opponent. Interesting to note the average of Huybrechts opponents so far is 102.75 which proves what a tough baptism he has had in the Premier League.
Averages – After struggling to break 92 in the opening 2 weeks van Barneveld’s average has picked up with a ton plus in week 3 followed by a 97.5 last week. Huybrechts hit a very impressive 107 average in his last match which was nearly 20 points higher than his week 3 average.
180’s –Barney has scored a total of 11 180s in his past 3 matches outscoring his opponent in all 3 of those matches. Huybrechts has been in good form on the treble 20 in his last two games weighing in with 4 both times.
Finishing – van Barneveld has yet to hit a checkout score of over 100 after 4 weeks of play though his finishing over the last 2 matches has been very good at over 54%. Huybrechts has also failed to hit a checkout of over 100, with his high being 78 in the opening week.
Head to Head – Huybrechts has a perfect record against Barney winning all 6 previous encounters, though it has been nearly 2 years since they met. The games have been closely contested with 3 last leg deciders out of the last 4 matches; their only meeting on the big TV stage was edged by Huybrechts 10-8 in the 2012 European Championship.

Wade vs Taylor
Premier League
– Wade suffered his first defeat last time out against World Champ Gary Anderson, his form in the PL so far has been steady but he has only really reached the top of his form in his week 2 win against Huybrechts. Taylor will have been disappointed to only pick up a point last week in his match against Wright as he was looking to make it 3 wins in a row. Taylor still performed to a high level against Wright but his opponent stuck in well and didn’t miss many chances when checking out.
Averages – Taylor has the supremacy in this department with averages of over 100 in each of his 4 matches whilst Wade has broken the 100 average mark only once in week 2 and struggled to break the mid 90’s in the other weeks.
180’s – These two players are the least prolific 180 scorers in the Premier League so far, 5 players in the league individually top the total of 11 that Wade and Taylor have scored combined. Wades highest weekly total is 2 whilst Taylor hit a high of 3 in week 1.
Finishing – Taylor has notched the highest checkout of the two players with a 151 compared to 143 by Wade but Wade has hit ton plus finishes in 3 separate weeks whilst Taylor has only scored a checkout of over 100 in week 3. Taylor has the highest checkout % in the tournament with 53%, Wade is not too shabby either on 45%.
Head to Head – Taylor leads the head by a very wide margin as he does against most players so looking closer it is relevant to see that Wade has won their 2 most recent matches (both on TV) at the 2014 Masters and 2014 World Grand Prix. They also shared 2 draws in the 2013 Premier League when Wade was last in the tournament.

Lewis vs Bunting
Premier League
– Lewis sits handily just outside the top 4 with just one defeat to his name whilst on the flip side he also has just one win that came in week 1. His most recent result should have been another win though, but he saw a 5-2 & 6-4 lead pegged back by MVG last week. Bunting suffered his 3rd defeat in 4 matches last week and has underperformed to the levels he is capable of. It is worth nothing though he has faced 4 previous Premier League winners in his opening 4 matches.
Averages – Both players have hit one 100+ average each so far with Lewis holding the tournament high of 113.8 from week 1. The overall tournament of Lewis is 7 points higher than Bunting who has hit the lowest overall average in both of the last two weeks.
180’s – Lewis has the best ratio in the PL so far and has an overall total of 16; he has hit at least 4 180’s in 3 of his matches. Bunting started well on the 180s in the opening 2 weeks scoring 7 but in the following 2 weeks he has only mustered a total of 1 in each game.
Finishing – Lewis leads this category over Bunting on highest checkout and overall checkout %. Bunting has yet to score a ton plus finish whilst Lewis has in 2 separate weeks. Buntings overall checkout % is 25% compared to the 45% of Lewis who has had 10 darts fewer at a double.
Head to Head – Not much of a head to head record between the pair with only 1 previous meeting coming in February last year when Lewis won 6-4 in a pro tour event shortly after Bunting switched to the PDC.

Wright vs van Gerwen
Premier League
– van Gerwen is unbeaten with 3 wins and a draw from the opening 4 weeks, he rallied well from 5-2 & 6-4 down against Lewis to snatch a point last week. Having only picked up 2 legs in total during his opening two defeats Wright has responded well to earn draws against van Barneveld and Taylor during weeks 3 & 4.
Averages – van Gerwen tops the overall tournament average list with a formidable 106 having had a superior average in all of his 4 matches so far with 3 singular match averages over 106. Wright has a tournament average of 94.61; he has hit 1 match average over 100 so far though the lowest was 87.2 in the opening week.
180’s – MVG has a tournament 180 count of 16 which is double the amount that Wright has hit. van Gerwen has scored 4 or more in each of his past matches, whilst Wright has hit 3 in each of his last two games.
Finishing – Wright has the highest overall tournament checkout of the pair with a 147 in week 3, van Gerwen has hit a 145 and a 138 but they came in the opening 2 weeks and his highest over the last two weeks is 82.
Head to Head – The past encounters have gone heavily in favour of van Gerwen win a 22-7 advantage including winning 7 of their last 8 matches, all the big TV meetings have been won by MVG most notably with 2014 World Championship final. Their matches in the Premier League last season were close with van Gerwen winning 7-5 both times.

Chisnall vs Anderson
Premier League
– This is a meeting between the players ranked 2nd and 3rd in the table with Chisnall unbeaten and Anderson’s sole defeat coming against van Gerwen. Anderson has on paper had the tougher start having played both van Gerwen and Taylor whereas this is the first match Chisnall has had against a world ranked top 4 player
Averages – Both players have hit one average of over 100 in the league so far with Chisnall’s 107 last week and Anderson’s 106.94 coming in week 2. Anderson has topped Chisnall’s over 3 averages though and has a tournament average over just over 100.
180’s – As you may expect these two are amongst the top end of the 180 hitters though both are below Lewis and van Gerwen. Chisnall has a total of 13 with Anderson just behind on 12. The last two weeks have seen both register high 180 counts with 10 for Chisnall and 9 for Anderson.
Finishing – Chisnall has hit a checkout of over 100 in 3 of the weeks though his highest only being 101. All of Anderson’s 4 checkouts of 100+ came in the same week (week 2 against Wright). Both players overall finishing %’s are the lowest overall outside of the bottom 2.
Head to Head – Anderson has won their last 4 meetings, winning 5 overall from 6 previous games, including doing the double over Chisnall in last season’s Premier League winning 7-5 & 7-4.

That covers the Premier League preview for this week. Good luck with any bets you have and enjoy the evenings action!


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    • Thanks for the good feedback. I’m glad you find the information of use. The original setting up of the stats and table took a little longer but now things are in place the weekly updates aren’t too bad.

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