This week sees the Premier League moving to the south coast with the action coming from the BIC in Bournemouth.

I have put together a small preview table which you may enjoy, whether you are taking part in a fun prediction competition, looking to have a bet or just enjoy seeing how the players match up.

In the chart firstly you can compare the player’s recent head to head meetings from their last 6 encounters. You will also see a range of stats from their last 10 TV matches. Comparing match averages to checkout % and from frequency of 180’s to highest checkout. Lastly the win/loss record of their last 10 matches played on TV.

PL Darts Preview Week 2

Although I have made some brief comments below I am mainly going to let the chart speak for itself on this occasion, though in the coming weeks I may add my own extra analysis on the matches and stats if there is the demand.

Wright vs Anderson
Anderson leads on the head to head, recent form, averages and 180’s though Wright may just have the edge on finishing.

van Gerwen vs Bunting
The formidable van Gerwen is ahead on most of the stats as you would probably expect against most players. Notably both players have recorded two of the highest checkout scores in their last 10 matches.

Lewis vs Taylor
The recent head to head meetings certainly favour Taylor though Lewis has a good chance of hitting more 180’s and the highest checkout. Taylor has lost his last 3 matches on TV (twice to Anderson).

Wade vs Huybrechts
Wade has a strong recent head to head record against Huybrechts, though Huybrechts has a better 180 count and there may be value on him having the higher match average.

van Barneveld vs Chisnall
RVB has a very good recent head to head record against Chisnall. The averages, checkout % and 180’s are edged by Chisnall.


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