The PDC Premier League is almost upon us with 10 of the top PDC players going head to head in some of largest arenas in the UK on a weekly basis. Whilst there is always going to be some debate over who warrants a place in the event there can be no doubt this is a very strong line-up.

As a form guide I have compared each player’s head to head record against the rest of the players competing in the Premier League. I have used their last 6 matches only to try and keep this form as relevant as possible (although some meetings may be further apart than others).

PL win record

There is probably no surprise to see van Gerwen and Taylor at the top of the list with impressive records against their counterparts. Had this list been taken over total career meetings you would expect Taylor to be higher and maybe van Gerwen and Anderson a little lower. But the more recent form of van Gerwen and Anderson is a lot more relevant.

Interesting to note that van Barneveld is very high on the list winning over 50%, he proved last year in the Premier League and World Championship as well as at last weekend’s Masters that he can’t be discounted. In fact van Barneveld would be higher on the list but for his 0-6 record against Kim Huybrechts! Huybrechts himself has a tough task of making an impression looking at the stats, though worth noting his next best record after Barney against one of his PL oppnents is vs MVG with a 3-3 record in their last 6 meetings.

Whatever your views I hope you enjoy my chart and it gives you some kind of guide to how the players match up overall.


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