Being a darts fan for many years and a follower of both the PDC and BDO I believe there is so much to offer in both organisations.

Recently I have been thinking of a team event which I think would appeal to the majority of darts fans both young and old. The tournament would surely be a hit with potential sponsors too.

My idea is called ‘The Darting All Stars’

Who would play in this event?
A team would consist of:
One male player aged 22 or over from the PDC.
One male player aged 22 or over from the BDO.
One female player.
One player aged 21 or under from the PDC.
One player aged 21 or under from the BDO.
One ‘legend’ (I would say for example: Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, Dennis Priestley, Bobby George and Keith Deller)

Who would be in charge of selecting the teams?
Companies/Sponsors would bid to have the right to select a team.
The players who would compete in the teams would be selected using a Draft system. The 6 owners would draw for the first draft pick and in doing so get to choose the first player from a chosen category and picks would be taken in turn until all the teams were complete.
An interesting idea would be if the ‘Team Owners’ selected a legend first and then the legend would be able to assist in the selection of the rest of the squad.

What would be the format of the matches?
Each team match could consist of the following:

Mens Doubles (Team 1 Male PDC & BDO vs Team 2 Male PDC & BDO)
Youth Doubles (Team 1 Youth PDC & BDO vs Team 2 Youth PDC & BDO)
Mixed Doubles (Team 1 Male PDC or BDO & Female player vs Team 2 Male PDC of BDO)
Legend paired with Male PDC or BDO player who didn’t play Mixed Doubles

Male PDC vs Male BDO
Male BDO vs Male PDC
Female vs Female
Youth PDC vs Youth BDO
Youth BDO vs Youth PDC
Legend vs Legend

The individual matches would obviously need to be played over a short format due to time taken.

Initially I would say that the teams would be limited to 6, split into two pools of 3 with the teams finishing top of the groups meeting in the final. This could be played over one weekend.

There is probably plenty to pick apart about my idea as it is a very rough draft, but I do think with some planning an event along these lines could be a big success. It has a lot to offer the public and players. With youth players and female players getting some extra showcasing along with some popular legend players which would be sure to increase interest in the event.

Could something like this happen? Would there be enough interest amongst the players, sponsors, fans, TV companies etc.? I can but dream!


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