Premier League Week 8 Pre-game stats

Some useful stats I have put together (might help you if you are having a wager)

Adrian Lewis v Andy Hamilton

Form Guide:

Adrian Lewis  (L, W, D, W)

In the last three weeks Lewis has recorded wins against arguably the most inform players in the PDC at the moment in van Gerwen  & Thornton

Andy Hamilton (L, L, W, W)

Wins against Taylor & Whitlock in the last 2 weeks. His two defeats prior to that were against van Gerwen & van Barneveld.


Lewis has only averaged above 95 twice in the 7 weeks so far, his highest average being 97.70.

Hamilton has averaged over 100 twice in the last 3 weeks.


Lewis has only hit two checkout scores of more than 100 (his highest was last week a 155).

Hamilton has hit three checkouts of more than 100 though has had the highest checkout in 5 of his 7 matches so far.


Lewis has hit an average of 3 180’s per game over his last 4 matches.

Hamilton has had the most 180’s (30) against him of any player in the league.  This is just over 4 per game on average.


Simon Whitlock v Robert Thornton

Form Guide:

Simon Whitlock (L, W, W, L)

Two wins from his last three games, this followed on from a run of three defeats in a row.

Robert Thornton (W, L, D, L)

Thornton was unbeaten for the first four weeks of the season but is now without a win in his last three matches.


After averaging just over 88 for his first two matches, Whitlock has averaged 97.37 over the past five weeks.

Thornton has only twice averaged under 97.50 over the seven weeks so far.


Whitlock has the most ton plus finishes in the league (8).

Thornton has hit checkouts of more than 100 in five out of the seven weeks.


In his last five matches none of Whitlocks opponents have outscored him on 180’s.

Thornton has scored 4 or more 180’s in five out of the seven weeks.


Phil Taylor v Raymond van Barneveld

Form Guide:

Phil Taylor (D, L, L, W)

After three matches without a win, Taylor got back to winning ways against Newton last week.

Raymond van Barneveld (W, W, D, D)

Unbeaten in his last four matches, his only defeat in 2013 PL was against van Gerwen who averaged 104.21.


Taylor has hit averages of more than 100 in three of the weeks so far and has the highest combined three dart average in the league.

The last two weeks have seen RVB record two out of his three lowest averages so far (95.08 & 96.02)


Taylor has hit checkouts of 100 or more in five out of the seven weeks in the PL so far.

Barnevelds highest checkout in the last two weeks has been 40.


Taylor has hit the fewest 180’s in the league, having only hit more than 2 on one occasion.

Barneveld has hit 17 180’s over the last four weeks which is an average of 4.25 per match.


Gary Anderson v Wes Newton

Form Guide:

Gary Anderson (L, W, D, L)

Anderson has a win against Phil Taylor to his name but he has also suffered 7-2 and 7-1 defeats over the last four weeks.

Wes Newton (W, L, L, L)

Newton last two matches have been defeats against Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen.


Andersons highest average so far (96.82) came in last weeks 7-1 defeat to Michael van Gerwen.

Newton has only averaged above 95 in two matches so far and they were both defeats (against Whitlock & MVG).


Anderson has the lowest checkout % in the Premier League with 30% hit.

Newton has hit 50% or more attempts at a double in four out of his last five matches.


Anderson is averaging a 180 every 4 legs during the tournament.

Newton has hit 3 or more 180’s in all but one of his seven matches so far.


Michael van Gerwen v James Wade

Form Guide:

Michael van Gerwen (W, L, W, W)

After drawing his first two matches van Gerwen has now won four out of his next five.

James Wade (D, W, L, D)

Wades last four matches have only produced one win but he has drawn against both Taylor and van Barneveld during this time.


Van Gerwen has recorded averages of more than 100 in his last two matches and only once has he averaged under 95.50.

After averaging 87.32 and 91.54 for his first two games, Wades average over the last five weeks is 100.35.


In the 2013 Premier League so far Van Gerwen has had the most checkout attempts.

Wade has hit 7 ton plus finishes in the last three weeks and has the highest checkout % in the Premier League.


MVG has the best 180 per leg ratio in the Premier League with a 180 every 2.70 legs on average.

Wade has had the fewest 180’s scored against him with only 16 in the seven matches he has played.



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